Winter Break: Do Not Lose Your Chance to Have Fun!

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Once you are done with your finals and all other college tasks that were a reason of your headache throughout the whole term, you are getting a great award that is called Winter Break. Students are seeing it in their dreams and making plans how it will be spent for months. However, when winter break starts, many diligent learners waste time watching TV series or scrolling news feeds in social networks. Here are seven variants for your winter break not to be mishandled.

1.     Sleep Is Better than Medicine.

If you feel dead on your feet after passing all tests and exams, you probably need a proper treatment to renew your physical and mental powers. And here you can get what you have been dreaming about throughout the semester – enough sleep every day. There are several variants for you to improve your sleeping schedule:

  • sleeping 8+ hours every day despite the time when you go to bed: this is a simple rule that everybody knows from their childhood but usually fails to follow it. When you have free time on your holidays you can try sleeping at least eight hours and feel how your life attitude, physical state and mood are changing for better;
  • taking day naps when you feel like some rest for your brain and body is needed. Never underestimate the power of daytime naps – they can recharge your brain, so you have enough energy for new achievements;
  • going to bed early or waking up late – you are free to choose! If you are an early bird or a night owl, there is no need to suffer breaking your natural sleeping habits.

2.     Christmas Cooking

Usually, a college winter break starts several days before Christmas, so students have time to visit their families, buy presents and prepare for the celebration. One of the traditional activities that people do before Christmas is cooking various dishes that are common for this holiday. What is more, you can search for traditional foods for Christmas in different countries and try to cook and taste them. For example, it will be quite tempting to cook Waldorf salad from Argentina or Australian panettone. Take a drink of cola de mono from Chile and enjoy your holiday.

3.     Charity: Warming Hearts of Others

A festive winter season is typically the time when your heart is filled with kindness and good intentions (we hope so). It will be a nice idea to bring some happiness to those who are unable to celebrate holidays with their families and to be loved. Here are some charity ideas:

  • Visit shelters for homeless dogs and cats. You can buy and bring food and medicines for them. Maybe, you will find a fluffy friend who will bring some joy to your life.
  • Christmas greetings in homes for the elderly. This will be a good chance for you to make someone’s stay in there not too lonesome. Although retired people are taken care well in most places, they might lack attention and love as usually, their relatives are not able to communicate with them too often. Buy some presents (just small and pleasant things that may be not too expensive) and listen to some exciting stories about life.
  • If you do not have much free time, you can select the third charity variant. Look for some old clothes, dishes, toys or books that you do not need anymore, but that still look good and can be used by others. You can donate them to different centers which will pass these things to those who really need some material help.

4.     Winter Sports

This might be a usual piece of advice for winter holidays but our point is that you can consider a number of unusual sports activities apart from skiing, sledging and skating. Check the following ones:

  • This type of winter sport will require a participation of you, skies and a horse. The horse will pull a person on skies so make sure that you are a good skier before you try it.
  • Ice sailing. It sounds quite romantic and reminds us of Titanic adventure. However, you should not be scared as ice sailing is a way safer activity than hitting an iceberg by a huge ship.
  • Igloo building. You have a chance to construct your own house of snow and add all the details you would like to see in your dream-igloo.
  • Knee-boarding on snow. When you are looking for something fresh, try this winter sport – it is something between snowboarding and sledging as you will be using a board similar to a snowboard but you will be sitting on your knees while going downhill.

5.     Spa and Beauty Treatments

It is time to take care of yourself. You have been working hard for about five months, so your body definitely needs to get some ease and delight. A spa-salon is the best place for you to relax and improve your physical state. There are a number of procedures like massages, bathes, saunas, hot tubs, and aromatherapy. Also, during your winter holidays, you must have enough time for having your hair dressed and styled, choosing new outfits and starting exercising in order to be in shape in a new year.

6.     Writing Winter Memoirs

Have you noticed a beauty of nature outside? Or do you have some funny stories to tell about this holiday season? In this case, you can write a memoir (or a blog post if you are not romantic enough for the first genre) about your winter impressions or adventures. You will never experience the same feelings and see the same sceneries again so make sure that you leave a memory about them.

7.     Meeting with Old Friends

Holidays is the time to communicate and have fun with those people who you cannot see daily during your studies. We have mentioned your family and relatives earlier but also there is a good chance to make an appointment with your school friends for instance, who you have not seen for ages but can surely share memories and have a good time together.

Use our seven recommendations and be sure that your winter break will not be spent in vain!

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