Topics for Short Stories: Ideas for Writing

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There are no doubts that short stories are quite popular among the youth because of their simplicity, dynamics, and energy. Hence, many beginners choose exactly this genre to practice their writing skills. Moreover, they sometimes reach truly high achievements and even win great awards in this field. Probably you have dreamt about such a fame of nice writer of shorts stories but have been afraid of trying to create your own literary piece. Why? Students often fear experiments but such writing attempts give them an opportunity to become good professionals and connect their life with the literary sphere. Thus, you should not lose your chance. It is better to try to create a manuscript than regretting your uncertainty later. Below we present some important ideas to keep in mind and use while working on your paper.

Sworn Enemies Become Good Friends

It is true that many short stories illustrate plots, which tell us about two archenemies. The reasons for such poor relationships are described as well. However, authors rarely tell us about the way how they make up and become true friends. That is why you can try to pick this topic and create a fast and dynamic story, which lets us know how young people change their relationships for better. Hence, you will have to research people’s psychology and find out more unique things about human soul and mind. Learn how to describe emotions and experience that we feel. Maybe, you had the similar situation in your life. How did you solve the conflict? It is a pretty good idea to add some autobiographical elements to your story in order to make it more effective and persuasive.

Childhood Stories

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Probably everyone has some childhood stories to tell in order to let others enjoy and have some fun while listening to these adventurous plots. Thus, you can make these ideas the core of your texts. Sure, it is important to modify these real events and situations and add some imaginary features to them. As a rule, beginners in writing try to describe things in the most reliable way and forget that readers want to see dynamic and original plots while looking at a short story. It is better to select a funny but quick event, which happened in your childhood that trying to describe a long-termed one.

College Adventures

On the other side, you can forget about childish stories but recall some cool college events in your mind. These may be even some life evidence, which occurs during a lecture. For example, you can describe a funny conflict between a teacher and one of your group mates. Such stories are close to life and many young readers will find something clear and suitable for them in your papers. Moreover, you can add some educational features to these manuscripts in order to bring your audience not only some fun but also the great use and pieces of advice, which they can use in practice. Try not to fail while working on such a manuscript as you will deliver some true stories but modified with original ideas and imaginary features, which can make them more attractive and unusual for young readers.

The Fate of a Criminal

You can try to dedicate your plot to an ordinary criminal who wants to get rid of his mistakes and start living a normal and comfortable life without fear and anger. Sure, you will have to discover his motifs and psychology. It is also important to create a story of his life before a committed crime. Why did he do this mistake? You will be able to add thousands of amazing details, which can make a story more controversial and original. Hence, it will bring you the real success and maybe, you will receive some awards for such a brilliant paper.

To sum up, there are some really unusual things which you should notice while trying to create a short story and improve your writing skills to the limit. Moreover, these samples of plots may inspire you for doing the creative job greatly. Thus, you will face no difficulties and challenges while trying to write your first literary piece. It greatly improves your chances of reaching success. In the next article, we will put down more ideas, which you can use as examples and reach success while working on your paper. Do not be afraid of creative work as it helps to develop your personal qualities and various practical skills.

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