The Most Beautiful Christmas Fairs Around the World

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Winter is a high-time for holidays which are full of various emotions, events, and, of course, presents.  Obviously, the most memorable holiday appears to be Christmas. Therefore, there are lots of traditions, customs, etc. which are devoted to the celebration of this holiday.

On this matter, almost every nation around the world prepares for this day in accordance with its notions and representations concerning the celebration of Christmas. The key element of preparing for Christmas is Christmas fair that embodies tradition and culture of a particular nation. So, let us consider the most astonishing fairs held in the world.

Rome, Italy

It is a well-known fact that Italians were first who started celebrating Christmas. And as it is said that all roads lead to Rome, it is preferable to go to Italy in order to attend an Italian Christmas fair. In the Eternal City, you can visit the most extravagant, passionate and extraordinary Christmas show where you can enjoy not only the beautiful nativity figurines but also video installations about the birth of Christ. While visiting Rome, you may succeed in accomplishing so many affairs that you could never imagine to. In one day you may achieve all goals that you have planned to reach during the year. For instance, you could buy gifts from the best fashion designers or try delicious cocktails and Christmas desserts. But, of course, the celebration reaches its peak only at the end of holidays. On 6th of January, fairy Befana walks around the Piazza Navona and presents wonderful gifts to children and guests completely free of charge.

London, the UK

Once a year, the world-famous Hyde Park is transformed into a “Winter Wonderland” with a huge Ferris wheel, an amazing garden of ice sculptures and the largest in the UK capital rink “Ice Age,” illuminated by more than thousand lights that create the effect of a starry sky. As it could be mentioned in your college essay, it was the most fascinating rink you had ever seen before. But honestly, it isn’t the most remarkable aspect of English Christmas Fair. The highlight of the program is Zippo’s Christmas Shows. Zippo’s Circus is one of the most popular circuses in the world which promoted the idea that laugh is the most powerful medicine in the world. Therefore, since 1995, Zippo’s Circus attended patients in the hospitals around the world. From year to year, the dome of the legendary circus is becoming higher and the number of those who wish to see it is increasing. In this regard, it is highly recommendable to book tickets in advance. But if you cannot get to the show, anyway you will get your portion of happiness that is located in more than 100 Christmas market stalls. Along with the wonderful handmade Christmas decorations, you may buy exclusive gifts and even antiques. By the way, antiques hold significance to Englishmen as they strictly adhere to the Christmas traditions. Thus, they do not throw anything away or try to resell profitably different things.

Cologne, Germany

Cologne with its amazing architecture is an ideal place for conducting Christmas fair. Narrow medieval streets, hundreds of flickering lights, the scent of mulled wine and gingerbread, soft snowflakes that whirl slowly, wafting from the rink in the main square – sounds great, doesn’t it? These are an essential part of German Christmas fair where, by the way, the tradition of organizing and conducting Christmas fairs was born. Every year more than 2 million tourists come to Cologne. And it is not surprising because local fair is the biggest fair in Germany. The conception of conducting the fair encompasses the whole city that during the Advent turns into the big fair festival, where on every corner you can buy gingerbread man, try punch and the famous sausages Weckla. Special attention is given to the fair located in river port of Rheinauhafen, lying near the building of the chocolate museum. Its peculiarities are referred to its location. For instance, along with the Christmas hits, rollicking sea ballads are performed. However, all the fairs in Cologne are remarkable for its medieval style, as if they were copied from the illustrations of fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm.

Paris, France

Paris is a city of love, the city of emotions, feelings, and of course, the city of magic, particularly Christmas magic. A Christmas atmosphere flies over the whole Paris spreading notes of fairytales, magic stories, love affairs, and incomprehensible miracles. Although the tradition of conducting fairs in Paris is not so ancient as compared to German and Italian fairs, it does not detract from its scope. Paris is renowned for its folk songs and dances performed in front of Eiffel Tower during Christmas holidays. Meanwhile, the business center of the city La Défense has turned into a culinary kingdom as if by magic. It is a well-known fact that Paris is a mixture of modern architecture and historical-cultural buildings. But during the Christmas, it is also a mixture of fairytales. The fabulous gingerbread chalets are spread among the surrealistic skyscrapers in the shadow of Triumphal Arch of the Star. Here you can try the most delicious French specialties including chocolate, Alpine cheeses, wine and fragrant pancakes with orange jam.

Moreover, if you cannot imagine your life without an art, Paris is a perfect destination for you. During the Christmas holidays, it is a must for tourists to visit a Montmartre. This quarter of Paris is focused on the sale of art works. Just don’t forget to take money because Paris knows what to propose.

So, the season of Christmas holidays is one more reason to travel. Every country has its atmosphere of holiday and provides with unforgettable emotions and experiences. In addition, every country possesses the distinctive culture of the holiday. Therefore, it is a chance to discover which one of the cultures suits you more.

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