Ideas for Short Stories: Samples for Getting Inspiration

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There are several great examples of plots for short stories, which have not been mentioned in our previous posts. That is why you should not be afraid of using our prompts. All of them are original and unique. You will not fall into the trap of boring and banal ideas. Moreover, such samples can greatly encourage you for writing and let you write better papers. You will be able to set certain goals and improve your skills in order to reach these aims. Sure, you can also turn on your imagination and develop the ideas presented below. Thus, you will make them really perfect and there will be no doubts that the audience will appreciate your paper.

Unexpected Journey

As you know, all short stories should be dynamic. You should try to put a great amount of information into a single paper and make it sound attractively for young people who read this manuscript. Hence, you can start in the middle of things. For example, you main hero is sitting in a taxi and has a place where he must go even while having no desire for it. Moreover, he is wondered and scared of the new perspective and the situation which has occurred. You can create a truly amazing and unusual novel in such a way. Just try to create a mysterious and dynamic atmosphere from the very beginning. This hook will definitely make the audience continue reading your story.

Strange Talk with Someone

Person Talking

The adventures of your character may start with the strange talk with a person on a phone or in the real life. Hence, you will be able to describe this dialogue and only after it, you should explain who these people are, their relationships and so on. It is a truly amusing beginning if you want to attract readers to your story. Do not forget to add some atmosphere, which can highlight the importance of this talk and make your paper sound better. Keep in mind that your writing skills play a big role in this case. Train in creating dialogues. They should not be a banal one as you start a short story in this way.

The Family Camp

This is the frame you can use while writing a short story. Just imagine the situation when the whole family comes together to set the camp and enjoy each other. Hence, all members will tell their stories. Some of them are fiction, others are real life cases. Anyway, these things always bring us fun and entertainment. This is a moment when people forget about gadgets and feel connected with nature. Have you experienced this? Put down your ideas on this theme and create a brilliant short story which will be framed as something told by a family member. It will make anything you write more attractive and amusing. Do not forget to add some speech specialties which your dad, for example, has. These may be slang, original words and so on.

To sum up, there are several important things to keep in mind while working on your short story. First of all, these are hooks which may attract more readers and make them really amazed by your work. The examples presented in this post illustrate the way how you should build the start of your story. Try to make it really dynamic. There is no need to write a lot about your personages. It may make your audience bored. Let them discover all heroes via their actions and talks. It will be much more amusing than banal descriptions. In addition, you can read some works in this genre created by famous authors. They never fall into the trap of too long explanations but write effectively. In the next post, you will find more ideas of this kind.

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