Topics for Creating Poetry: Ideas for Young Poets

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There are no doubts that young poets very often have doubts before writing down their literary pieces. They feel shy and unconfident, so many talented people give up just because of these feelings and some critics who have read their works and have not appreciated them. It is true that poets are quite sensitive and they feel everything they see or hear deeply. Hence, even ordinary events may become the subject of their poems. However, what can happen if a person is criticized greatly? Sure, in the most cases, there will be the absence of desire to write anything at all. Hence, young people feel disappointed and face writing blocks. The most effective way of reducing them is developing some new ideas and using someone else’s examples of topics which are possible to apply in your poems. We have prepared some of them in this post for your comfort and convenience.

The Issue of Anger

Person Is Angry

It is true that some emotions which humans usually feel are nasty and no one wants to talk about them. People would like to avoid such topics which are connected with bad features of their temper and act like they always behave in the pleasant and correct way. However, you as a poet should be ready to discuss everything from love and friendship to archenemies who feel nothing but anger. Hence, you can write about the second variant of human relationships. Try to be honest and describe even nasty feelings in a brilliant way. This work should influence people who read it. Sometimes such topics attract more readers than ordinary poems where a writer talks about lovely relationships, a beauty of nature and so on.

Poem About Africa

If you like exotic countries and unusual traditions which are spread among indigenous people, you should try to create such a poem and put down pictures from your imagination. For example, Africa is a perfect subject for creating such a literary piece as you can find everything you need here from amazing jungles to strange celebrations of the locals which sometimes even include human sacrifices. Try to combine the horror of their culture and beauty of nature in one poem. If you have traveled to this place, you would be able to represent your personal experience in this way. Do not be afraid of adding some fantastic things. This is a foreign territory which seems to be unknown and mysterious for many of your readers, so they will appreciate your creative work.

The Topic of Birth

The topic of birth is extremely interesting for all people. Without any doubts, this is the most amazing process which can happen and not all of its secrets and specialties are researched well even nowadays. We are not talking only about human birth. This is also the symbol of awaking nature in spring when all plants and animals reborn. This is a pretty good idea to cover in a poem. Hence, you can dedicate your literary piece to this subject. This should be an inspiring and motivational poem which makes your readers want to do something useful and creative. This may be also the birth of new talents which a person should develop.

Carnivals and Celebrations

If you like to describe different celebrations and carnivals, you should try to do it in one of your poems as well. The rhythm will make all these colorful items and specific traditions look more amazing and wonderful. Moreover, you have a possibility to use lots of metaphors, allusions, epithets, and other specific literary techniques in order to make your poem sound more attractively and originally. Do not forget that you can also add some lyric heroes to your works even if the main subject is a particular carnival. You may feel like an artist, which creates a new picture, as you should demonstrate different colors, patterns, and shapes as well.

All in all, there are several unusual topics which you can use in practice as well. We have already described them in this post for providing the success for your first literary piece. Sure, you will have to be greatly inspired while working on a poem. It is much harder than writing prose stories. However, we have done a great part of your job. You should just read these examples and then the rhythms and necessary words will appear in your mind quickly. Remember that using such examples of topics is also very useful for those young authors who face a creative block at the moment and have no power for continuing their literary works. In the next post, you will get even more inspiring examples which can save you from failures.



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