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It is true that students usually suffer from the lack of money and searching for cheap essay writing service uk, even in the case of having a parents’ financial support. How to deal with it? Sure, the first thing which comes to mind is finding a job. However, it is not easy to work and study at college at the same time, so there are specific requirements for student’s workplace. If these instructions are not followed, young one may even drop out. So, pay attention to prompts in this article before starting to search for a job.

General Requirements

Students, who pay too much attention to earning money, can easily lose their place in college. So, their jobs should have some specific features with an eye to young one’s convenience and good grades. There are some general instructions for students who try to find a workplace. If certain variant doesn’t suit these demands, it has to be canceled immediately.


It is the main point, which job for a student should have. Possibility to establish a comfortable schedule, which doesn’t make young one miss lectures, is the first necessity. Without such feature, having a job may be harmful to studying and influence the grades in a bad way. In the worst cases, it leads to dropping out of college.

Half-Day Schedule

Waiter in Cafe

Keep in mind that it is impossible to work a full day because of your lectures (weekends are an exception). Sure, the payment for working part-time is low, but the education is more important and missing classes is not the correct decision. You, of course, have an opportunity to work full day at weekends, but remember that your body demands some relax both from studying and laboring.

Good Conditions

Some unfair employers try to get the profit on students and use them as the cheap labor force. Don’t get into this trap! Pay attention to the workplace conditions, the amount of work and, of course, salary. Avoid unofficial employment because it may be a trick. Often such hirers promise high payment but, as a result, a student gets only a small part of this.


Don’t forget that if you get too tired while working, there will be no good results at college. Choose a work without complicated tasks and prefer intellectual activity instead of physical. Sure, it is possible to get some money being a heaver but you will be exhausted at the end of a shift. It is a good idea to get a job which relates to your future profession.


In order to make your search faster and easier we’ve made a list of samples of jobs for college students. It includes workplaces for all abilities and tastes. The main point is that all of them follow the general requirements for part-time job. That means there will be no negative impact on your studying.


It is a pretty nice variant if you are able to make a contact with kids and don’t get confused when they start screaming or crying. Moreover, you can establish the schedule by yourself and have some free time while children are sleeping. The average salary is 10$ per hour. However, this job demands responsibility and concentration, because in case kids do harm to themselves, you will be the one to blame.

Medical Orderly

This job is suitable for students of medical school. They will not only earn some money but get useful experience as well. Furthermore, it is possible to choose day or night shifts. Keep in mind that it is not a good variant for an average person as sometimes disgusting or terrifying things may happen. Think well if you are ready for such work.


You may work as a receptionist in various establishments or private offices. Payment varies depending on the status of the firm. Remember that for a high salary, work experience is needed. This job usually includes checking documents, communicating with clients, answering e-mails and phone calls. In addition, there is a possibility to choose a shift or establish an own schedule.

Call Center Operator

This work, of course, has not very high salary, but no experience is needed because there is a tutoring period as a rule. All you have to do is answering people’s calls, writing down their claims and suggestions and so on. This kind of job has hourly payment and sometimes financial bounties for good workers.

Tutor for Kids

Student Teaching Kid

This is a good variant for students with excellent marks. They can practice knowledge and earn money at the same time. This work means explaining certain subject for schoolkids or doing homework with them. Remember that you have to be able to establish contact with children in order to make the learning effective.


It is suitable for students mostly because of a flexible schedule. The salary is not high, but there is a chance to get great tips if you are polite and communicative. Be attentive to every client and you will forget about the lack of finances. Moreover, there is an opportunity to eat for free as restaurants usually offer this service for their staff.


Do you have some specific talents? You may start selling things made by own hands: fancywork, statuettes, dolls, pictures and so on. A lot of services for trading online are available now. Just make some cool photos of your handiwork and post them on the Internet. There is a trend for needlework nowadays, so you may expect for lots of clients.

Custom Writing

Essay Writer

If you have many extraordinary ideas and some talent you may start a career of essay writer. It means doing someone’s homework for school or college. The main plus of this job is that you control your schedule and have a possibility to work at home. Just put your resume on the freelance website or get a workplace in paper writing service.

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