New School Year and Your New Habits to Get Benefit From

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New School Year and Your New Habits to Get Benefit From

The summer has come to its logical end and the fall has taken its rights. Unless you really love poetry and some beautiful rhyme comes to your mind, the very first general association with this season is probably studying. It’s the time when schools, colleges and universities open their doors to their students. As one of these students, you may feel your life seems to be involved in another cycle or some repeating pattern by an irresistible power, which didn’t bother to ask you whether you want it or not. Nevertheless, you should realize that although this power is definitely serious about you and your new school year, still it is friendly to you. It is going to give you one of the greatest opportunities life obstacles can ever give anyone of us! This fall you’ve got one more chance to try and learn something absolutely new. So if generally summer is considered an ideal time to have a nice rest and recover both physically and mentally, then fall usually offers a few different directions for your refreshed strength and energy. This all means that your new school year is

  • a good reason to devote yourself to doing something you have dreamt to start doing for a long time;
  • a wonderful opportunity to learn something new about yourself;
  • a powerful impetus to develop a new attitude towards the whole studying process, which enables you to look for something positive either about your new subjects, teachers or classmates;
  • a perfect way to add lots of new and really exciting things into your daily study routine.

In order to put the above-mentioned theory into real practice, you should start this school or college year with a habit which would be absolutely new for you. It mustn’t be something that would crash your normal lifestyle. There is also no need to choose something too extraordinary, which would make you change in such a fast and unpredictable way that could simply frighten your nearest and dearest, and you personally some time later. Listen to yourself, recollect your wishes and dreams and find something especially desirable for you. Below there are a few suggestions for habits to start this new school year with and greatly benefit from. One really important thing you should take into account is that your choice must base on your own true preferences and clear understanding of what you want to get from what you are going to choose.

Suggestion #1 Join Some of Your School or College Clubs

Seriously. Studying isn’t just about classes, homework, tests and exams. If you like basketball, why not play for your school or college team? By the way, according to the 2011 High School Athletics Participation Survey, published in the U.S. News, basketball is the most popular sport among American students: five years ago 18,150 schools had a boys basketball team and 17,767 schools had a girls basketball team. Nowadays the number of schools have increased.  In case you can’t imagine your life without dancing, but there is no such club at your school, become its founder and involve the people you can rely on. No doubt you will soon find those guys who want to dance and those who can teach them to dance. Or, probably, you have developed reasonable ideas about how to improve the studying process or some administrative issues? Besides, you have already discussed them with your friends and they have approved? Don’t be afraid to be initiative. Turn off your shyness and stand for the next school president election. Remember that these are only a few ways that can help you make your school or college life more exciting and, maybe, even more sensible. In addition, you will receive an opportunity to share your interests and knowledge with other people. You can get closer to other students, teachers, school administration and see the school system from inside. In its turn, this will help you improve or completely change those things about your study that you don’t like or can’t accept.

Suggestion #2 Stick to Regular Physical Activity

Boy Riding a Bike

Certainly, you don’t have to play in a regular baseball team. Waking up half an hour earlier for morning jogging isn’t a nice thing as well, especially if you often stay up late. The point is that you should make yourself get used to the set of regular but not everyday physical exercises. For example, you can go to the swimming pool on Tuesdays and Fridays, and play baseball with your friends on Saturdays. Choose a few days per week when you can spend your time on physical activities you prefer. You can also vary them, so that each of these, let’s say, three days you could do different things. There is no need to say how good for your physical and mental health this habit will be. Besides, it will help you become more disciplined and diversify your daily schedule.

Suggestion #3 What About a Hobby?

Have you ever wondered why the notion of a hobby appeared? What is a hobby for you? Even if you are going to claim now that you don’t have it or you haven’t found it yet, anyway there is definitely something you are interested in. Actually, every activity you like to spend your leisure time on or you often try to something new about can be considered a hobby. Think carefully. If you constantly search for well-directed videos on YouTube, then probably you dream about buying a cool camera and making videos which you believe could be even better that the ones you watch. Well, start with a simpler and cheaper device and look what you can do. Find some materials, contact the authors of those videos, ask them for a piece of advice. Of course, you should pay enough attention to your study. Your hobby is a thing that can help you with it. A well-thought video, for instance, is always a great solution for any project! Besides, your hobby will develop you, show you who you are and what you are really passionate about.

Suggestion #4 Find Time for Regular Travelling

A tour around the Mediterranean is obviously fabulous. However, you are perfectly aware of all the difficulties connected with the arrangements for it. So choose something simpler for a start. A short trip to another town or just to the countryside will be a nice change of scene for you as a person with a strict schedule and a pile of homework. Don’t wait for the holidays. Every week, try to choose one day to go to a different place. New views, experience and emotions will help you cope with your daily routine and find solutions for most of your problems.

Suggestion #5 Turn Healthy Habits into Your Goals

These are things you have heard and read about thoughts, but still you shouldn’t neglect them.

  • Watch your physical health. Eat healthy food, have enough sleep and take care of your body;
  • Develop your personality. Do dose the time you are on-line, so that you didn’t forget about your hobbies;
  • Spend time with people you love and respect;
  • Control your negative emotions and try to stay positive whatever happens.

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