Ideas for Short Stories: Topics for You

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As we have already written in the previous article, there is no necessity to waste your time and suffer from doubts while writing a short story. Do not forget that young writers usually face the major challenges in the beginning of the writing process. Thus, you will be able to prevent many mistakes, which are frequently committed in this time period. How? You will have an example of a story plot to follow and there will be fewer problems to cope with that you may encounter while working on your own. On the other side, it is also a good way of providing a success for your school or college paper. Students are often asked to create a short story on any topic they like. Such a freedom seems to be a great benefit for them. However, only a small part of young people can tackle this choice and make a correct decision. Sometimes they just make the whole task more complicated while picking an uninteresting or too difficult theme. Just follow our examples in order to prevent such a failure.

Teenagers Find a Dead Body

Sure, many young authors are afraid of describing such things and try to go away from the topic of death. Hence, many of their papers have the lack of dynamic events, criminal elements, and suspense. Such books are surely suitable for kids. However, if you wish to become an adult write, it is essential to understand that the death is important in your plot and you should indicate its role. Moreover, this issue may become the core subject of your plot. You can start the story with a situation when a group of teenagers finds a dead body. Hence, they are scared but interested in this secret at the same time. Let them provide their own investigation. You may create a short but dynamic detective at the same time.

Surprising Fortune

Person Is Happy

One of the most typical and popular plots is the story about a person who unexpectedly discovers a quite big fortune. Thus, he or she becomes truly rich and thinks that the happiness has come into his or her life. At the same time, things are not that simple as a rule. How can you use this plot if it is banal for many readers? Modify it. For example, you can make a milliner who loses all his money at once your main hero. In the final, he may get everything back and enlarged. Alternatively, you can make your main character a teenager and describe his emotions, desires and so on. Will he waste everything on toys, entertainment or clothes or help his poor family to survive? This dilemma may be quite amusing for your audience.

Monster Attacks the Town

For getting an inspiration for such a story, you should definitely reread several horrors by Lovecraft or King. Sure, it seems to be quite banal. A monster invades the town and murders its residents. However, you can add something specific to this plot. For example, this creature may act mystically and invisibly. Only your main character can see the danger but no one believes him. Hence, he has to face this challenge alone and save the whole town from this monster. Will he be successful? All depends on you. Just decide if you wish to have a happy end or the evil forces will win.

Summing up, there are several important ideas on how to write a short story. Moreover, we have prepared these useful examples, which can ease your task a lot and make you feel confidently in your abilities. There is no reason for being scared and have doubts. You already have a sample to follow and can use any of ideas presented in this post. In addition, the next article will also include a number of beneficial concepts, which may become the core of your short story as well.

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