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If one tries to analyze all useful character features they would like to call their own, it would be obvious that the main ability is to believe in yourself. You can be the smartest, the cleverest and the most handsome (or beautiful) human. You can be a strong athlete or a truly talented programmer. But if you don’t believe in yourself, these personal qualities will never be realized on their full scale.

It can be said, that self-confidence, or believing yourself, is a fundament, a soil to grow the tree of your success in both professional career and private life. It is closely bound with such definitions as “self-concept” and “self-respect”, which gain their basis in human’s early childhood. But this doesn’t mean they can’t be discovered developed later during one’s life. This article is about to show you some tricks and possible ways to believe in yourself.

1. Volunteering

We prefer neither to think about that, nor to see it. But even in the most successful society there are numerous people who need your help. Children from the orphanage nearby? A beggar in the outside? A veteran from your block? A free blood donation? And these are only few possibilities.

Try making someone’s day a bit better. Nothing makes your self-respect to rise better than knowing someone who needs you. There are those who require your help to live. Charity and volunteering would not only help the others to solve their problems. It can help you to gain that self-respect you’ve once lost.

2. Create a List of Your Victories

Are you already hitting the wall with your head? Are your ready to drop everything, because it seems there’s no exit?

Try to create a list of your accomplishments. During your life, you’ve certainly had difficult situations to overcome. You had victories you can be proud of. Making a list of such deeds will be a good psychological motivator for you. You’ll see that you have internal energy and power to change something as you want. As a result, it will become easier to finally believe in yourself.

3. Surround Yourself with Ones Who Believe in You

If people who constantly criticize and humiliate you dominate your environment, there’s no wonder you can’t rise up. Negative people can play a huge role in your life, and this role certainly won’t be helpful.

Try to throw such persons out of your life, or interact with them as little as it’s possible. Find people whose interests and values are similar to yours, who will support you and make your progress more solid. As a result – your self-confidence will receive multiplied additional energy and solid protection.

4. Accept Yourself

To believe in yourself, you are to accept yourself as you are first. How can you believe in someone you do not accept totally? If you don’t have such acceptance – it means that you refuse a part of your personality. You probably even hate some of your qualities. It’s impossible to believe in something or someone you don’t like and love. That is why there is no another way to believe in yourself except of loving who you are absolutely and undisputedly, with all your positive and negative features.

5. Change Your Viewpoint

Stop focusing on imperfections and insults that took place in your life. Try looking at something good and interesting around you instead. Say “Thank you” to the world for these emotions. Try finding something positive each time you wish to complain difficulties and injustices. This will show you there’s no any real problem. When your fate gives you lemons, find the way to turn them into some lemonade.

6. Step-by-step Victories

It’s impossible to believe in yourself while you continuously get unlucky with your plans. Maybe, your life really gives you too difficult tasks. Maybe, you are not that good in estimating your powers and possibilities yet.

In this case, you should try to choose a goal which is exactly real to reach, and you know that. Start from the easy and little step, which you can do surely. It is better to move forward through modest and simple victories first, and not to stop moving because falling down really hurts.

7. Know Yourself

Francis Bacon once said: “Knowledge is power”. He surely was right. If you can’t solve the problem, you study all the info you can find on it. If you can’t solve the problem of yourself, you should study yourself first.

It can be useful to read some literature on psychology and motivation, or to find any practical courses, seminars on personal growth. This could help you find a fundament you lack in your life. Study, discover and think. Knowledge about the world and people around can really help you gain calmness and life-confidence.

8. Live by Your Goals

Analyze and systematize your goals on a year, five years, the whole lifetime forward. Estimate each of them. Decide, which of them are really YOUR goals, and which are just pictures from popular magazines once trapped in your mind. Do you really WANT that, or that is a goal inflicted by your loved one, chief, environment? Maybe you want to get locked in your room and write your book or super-program instead of travelling all of the tropical islands? Or contrariwise, maybe it’s time to throw it all away and change your corporate suit to a bungalow somewhere on the seaside?

You will be able to believe in yourself only if you start being honest with your personality and begin living your own life. One can’t spend a life completing other people’s desires and respect themselves at the same time.

9. Compare Yourself with Nobody

Your appearance, your achievements, your income, your success and everything else is yours. It’s not worth being compared with others. People have their own ways, their own goals and accomplishments. Don’t waste your time, emotions and energy to race with somebody else. Otherwise, you are going to live your life like a running horse forced to run by vanities and ambitions.

Believing in oneself is necessary for every person. It shows the way and helps not to get pulled off course in the massive of fake goals, troubles and losses. Have a good luck on the road!

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