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If we think carefully about which texts can actually be called essays today, we will see that this piece of writing is related to more than one sphere of our activity and therefore has a lot of different functions. Indeed, initially being a literature genre that takes its roots from the times of Renaissance, the essay is applied as an effective education tool in modern schools, colleges and universities. Besides, essays are widely used in press and online information sources, especially for presenting reviews of the latest films or books and some other novelties of different kind.

In order to provide you with clear understanding of this type of writing, I should also mention that in the United States applicants for governmental jobs are required to write special essays. These assignments give employers an opportunity to learn more about their potential worker’s experience and reveal whether the applicant possesses the necessary knowledge and skills or not.

So, you can see that the specific features of essay writing would vary depending on what you need this or that type of essay for and on what you are going to tell your readers in it. Still, there must be something particular and similar about all existent essays regardless of the sphere they are used in. Otherwise, the essay would not be such a versatile piece of writing as we know it nowadays. Let us make it all out!

Why Essays Appear to Be So Popular Academic Assignments

What can be so essential about this type of academic papers that as early as in middle school we are taught some basics of managing it in the right way? Why do college and university students usually face and learn to deal with even more complex aspects of essay writing? Find a few general ideas about this issue below. Hope, they will also help you to gain deeper insight of your next essay assignment, hence making it easier for you to work on your topic and text.

  • Firstly and traditionally, an author of an essay expresses his or her own opinion on a particular issue. That is why, such assignment teaches students to think carefully either about their life experiences or about some global phenomena and provide their own views.
  • Secondly, such type of academic paper cannot but include the description and analysis of this or that issue. Naturally, in order to describe and analyze something reasonably, you should first study it well. So, while completing such a paper, you also need some additional sources to find out more about the subject that is actually the core of your writing. Thus, you learn to work with a certain amount of information, process it and present compactly in written form.
  • Thirdly, academic essay writing implies and is mostly based on argumentation. It means that each point of view, expressed as a statement or in any other way in your text, must be supported with valid evidence. Where can you get it from? Definitely, it would be helpful to follow the advice just mentioned above. Before you sit down to compose another essay, take the trouble to search for the materials which could help you understand your topic better and provide you with valid facts or data on which you would base your arguments.
  • Fourthly, the text of the really well written essay must have a well-thought and unambiguous conclusion, summing up the opinions and arguments provided. So, you learn to bring all your considerations to common denominator and come up with a clear definite conclusion and hence with a clear and definite opinion.
  • Fifthly and generally, writing an essay of any type helps you to structure your thoughts and come up with better methods to put them on paper. Also, when doing such home assignment, you inevitably and, probably, unconsciously enrich your knowledge on a particular subject and improve your writing skills. At the same time, you learn to prove your personal opinion on the issue basing it on real evidence.

Tips on How to Cope with Your Essays

You see, the general purposes of this academic paper as one of universal home tasks for school and college students are quite clear and reasonable. Here are a few pieces of advice on what you should do first of all when you have an essay assignment.

Short Essays

I decided to use this word combination as an umbrella term for all those assignments which must go in one page and not more. Mostly, these are narrative, descriptive, argumentative and other types of essays, which do not require much research but still must be structured properly. So, what you should do first is to define your personal attitude towards the topic you have and outline your main ideas on it. In case of an argumentative paper, you should proceed with some search for additional info if needed.

Research Papers

As the name suggests, these papers do require thorough investigation and references to the used sources. So, right, your first task is to study your topic well enough, analyzing what has been already researched and what is still puzzling for scientists and for you as well.

Essay Exams

They check your ability to understand the topic of discussion and react to it by providing a well-organized text with good arguments. So, make sure that the issue is clear for you and focus on your opinion on it. Outline your ideas briefly, so that you could see how to connect them logically in the essay. If there are several issues in the task, start with the easiest one.