Ideas for Writing Short Stories: Ease Your Task

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Here, we continue the topic of our previous post and develop even more beneficial ideas for writing a short story. Hence, you will forget about doubts and uncertainty thanks to our prompts and get a chance of completing your manuscript in a brilliant way. Try not to fail while working on the first stage of writing. Very often, students make thousands of mistakes during this step. They pick wrong topics and create poor hooks which do not attract new readers in any way. Thus, there is no wonder why such papers remain unsuccessful and criticized both by ordinary people and professionals. It is possible to avoid these nasty and confusing situations. Just choose a good example to follow and you will prevent many unpleasant things.

Cure from All Illnesses

For example, you can create a story where your main hero discovers an ancient but useful plant which can cure all diseases or one of the most dangerous which humanity encounters nowadays. It may be the cancer treatment, which works effectively. This plan exists highly in the mountains or any other exotic place and is protected by indigenous people who live on this territory. How can your character cope with them and get this plant? Just let him experience many wonderful adventures and describe them in the most dynamic and amazing way.

Foreign Exchange Student

Students at University

You are young and the topics connected with students are close to you. Moreover, you can use your own experience while writing on such a theme. Try to create a story about a foreign exchange student who is in an unknown country and faces many difficulties. How is it possible to deal with them? Just invent some real adventures, which a young person faces and then solve them efficiently. Who knows, maybe, your work will become a kind of tutorial for exchange students and you will reach success as a writer who educates the youth and lets them avoid problems. It is also possible to add some imaginary and fantastic things to your paper. Sometimes they make a text more unusual and specific.

Actor Begins His Career

Without any doubts, all creative jobs are closely connected with each other. Hence, it is also possible to find a link between writers and actors. Try to describe the hard road to success which beginners in the cinematographic industry experience. However, you will not be able to put down the whole life story in a short paper. Just pick several cool situations which seem to be amazing and describe them. Add some funny moments or fantastic features. You are allowed to modify real things as much as you want in order to reach the greatest impact on the audience. Moreover, you can avoid creating a particular hero. He may even have no name. Just generalize this personage as probably a lot of actors experience the same difficulties on their road to success.

The Great Fail in Career

You can pick any profession you want but the main point is that you should describe a certain failure which this person experiences. How can it be solved? Is there any way out? Sure, you can help your main character to deal with all challenges and then, present a happy end to your readers. However, at first, you should create a truly nasty failure which puts the whole career of this person in danger. For example, a politic may be corrupted and caught with this issue by police or any other special services. Hence, he can regret doing such a thing but it seems that it is too late and nothing may be changed. Nevertheless, there is still a chance for a mystical and surprising solution to this trouble and getting one more opportunity to live the life in an honest way.

All in all, these are truly good examples for beginners in the writing sphere who still have some doubts and are not confident enough to produce their own content. Of course, there is no necessity just to rewrite these plots. Maybe, you have got some fresh ideas recently which can improve these tips and make them sound better. Do not be afraid of modifying these things. Who knows, maybe, your first short story will become extremely popular among the readers and you will reach the true fame as a literary author. In the next post, you will find some more hints which can save you from creative blocks and let your continue working effectively.



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