Best Argumentative Essay Topics: What Is Really Worth Writing About

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There are several reasons why writing an argumentative essay appears to be one of the necessary component parts of your college study program. They aren’t only about checking and estimating the quality of your writing skills, including your knowledge of spelling rules, sentence structures and punctuation. These reasons also consider more abstract aspects which nevertheless concern your thinking ability, logic, analytical skills and everything connected with them. The first of them lies in the fact that any argumentative essay should be based on a controversial issue. In its turn, such an issue is always surrounded by different kinds of debates, supported by two or more not only different but also opposite points of view. The adherents of this or that opinion adduce arguments in order to prove it. To put it simple, these arguments are what we may generally call pros and cons. So your main tasks are

  • to make some kind of research on the issue you are going to write your essay about;
  • to analyze the opinions different sides hold on it;
  • to choose the one which you consider the most acceptable for you;
  • to prove why you personally accept it and make a proper conclusion.

The second reason actually comes from these four points. It would be even better to say that it takes them all as a basis. The thing is that in order to complete the tasks mentioned above, you need to demonstrate your ability to think logically, analytically and critically. However, first of all, you need to have your own opinion on or attitude towards the issue you choose for your argumentative writing. So this very type of essays aims to check whether you are able to form, express and prove your own point of view, basing on real facts.

The fact that you are considered to have all these abilities is the third but not the last reason why as a college student you are supposed to write an argumentative essay. For now, you have already defined some of your personal interests. You have learnt a lot of different things and you know how you can learn more without your parents’ or teachers’ help. This means that you are able and ready to join the debates around various issues, having reasonable arguments to support your own independent position.

Best Topics for Your Successful Argumentative Writing

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Choosing a really good topic for an argumentative essay might be quite challenging. Below you will find five groups of the most controversial and ambiguous issues which you can base your writing on without fearing to fail. For each of them, there are also a few pieces of advice regarding the sources and the kind of information you can use, as well as some general tips on how to arrange the parts of your text in the most logical and readable way.

Group #1 Legal Issues

These topics are mostly connected either with controversial political reforms and strategies or with the various aspects of legalization issues on different levels or stages. They may concern either your motherland, any other country, or the whole world in general. In order to put it all simpler, let’s move from theory to practice. Choose the issue which is the closest to you as a student and young person or the one which is connected with any sphere of your interests. Of course, in case you are following the news regarding a particular issue, don’t hesitate to choose it. However, you’d better not give preference to something that just touches your personal feelings, because you are really unlikely to find reasonable arguments, except the one like “It’s just my opinion”. That doesn’t count at all. Turn to something you can muse on. For example, you’ve read the new that somewhere some government has allowed to employ children under the age of 16 legally or banned college students from taking part-time jobs. Try to base on real statistics, quotes from documents or interviews of real people, news reports. Don’t forget to describe and analyze both the opinion you agree and the one you disagree with.

Group #2 Social Issues

They involve a large number of aspects of our social life. For instance, different levels of people’s relationships, education and employment, public health and so on. In most cases, social issues are connected both with politics and human values. Let this be a small tip for you. When describing the issue you have chosen, consider these two features. Again, use statistics, research data, the results of social surveys. Place the arguments for the issue first, then move to the opposite arguments, finally insert the neutral opinions. In the end make a well-thought conclusion, expressing you own point of view supported by the facts you refer to.

Group #3 Human Health Issues

Doctor and Patient

Nowadays they do deserve to be grouped separately even from social issues. On the one hand medicine and medical science is developing successfully and is gaining more power to fight more diseases. On the other hand, still, high-quality medical treatment isn’t the thing everybody in our world can afford. Besides, there are human health problems doctors are still doing their best to find a cure against, but they haven’t succeeded yet. Basing on medical research data, different doctors’ pieces of advice, public opinions or whatever you have access to, form your arguments in a correct order and sum them up in the end.

Group #4 Cultural Issues

They can include issues not only about classic and modern arts and literature, but also about mass media or even some economic or legal contradictions about restoring or demolishing old historic buildings. When writing about some new tendencies, set examples of some real works of art or literature but don’t forget to refer to the opinions of real critics, for example. By the way, if you can’t find the statistics you need, do it yourself.  If you have at least a week before handing your essay to your teacher, your own survey among your college students and their families, if possible, would be a great contribution not only to your essay.

Group #5 Moral Issues

They also concern relationships between people, religious issues, life values and so on. Although moral issues may seem more about your own attitude towards them, remember that your personal opinion must be supported by scientific data or statistics. Use the Internet to help you with this information, ask your teachers to provide you with some materials, if you know they can do it. Remember that an argumentative essay is a kind of research work as well. The more you know about your topic, the better.

P.S. Don’t try to please your teacher with the topic you choose. Write about what you are really interested in.

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